Dolls for Girls in Kenya

People who helped make of paint the dolls for Kenya - Jo Ann Wolfshohl, Mary VanHorn, Teresa Bolin & her team, Pat Boone, Peggy Campbell, Elna Breedlove, Linda Craig, Lonita Ekstrum, Evie Hancock, Marjorie Hough, Dianne Hudson, Jo Ann Mathiesen, Patricia Morgan, Lois Nisbet, Audrey Patterson, Bettie Salter, Susan Simank, Carolyn Kennedy, Laurinda Muse, Jan and Jim White, Mary & Dick Van Steenbergh, Mary Hornback, Shirley Blundell, Doris Crowson, Gail Yates, Audrey Biggs, Linda Murrie, Terry Spruell, Shirley Blundell, Danica Becker, Judy LeFan.

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Nate Jordan and a team that included Maureen Buckner, Shelby Buckner, Melanie Martinez, David Miller, Alyssa Miller, Sam Pritchett, Mike Red, Sara Red, and Trey Weller left Friday for England and will return on March 17, 2013.  Pray for the team as they represent Christ and NBBC in England.

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