FAITH Evangelism is a 12-week Discipleship course aimed at creating a culture of evangelism in the church by equipping and mobilizing believers in lifestyle evangelism, disciple-making, and ministry - focusing on equipping the learner to share their faith and minister to others inside and outside the church.  Every member of the church can be involved from the Pastoral Staff to every Sunday School Leader/Teacher to any Sunday School Class member of any age group who wants to participate.  FAITH Evangelism is "married" to Sunday School Ministry such that Teams of 3 go out on visits to members, guests, and others in the community each week to touch the lives of people their Sunday School age group can offer ministry to and connect and build relationships wtih in a caring environment.  Others in the church can also participate in the FAITH ministry as Prayer Partners each semester with Class Participants.  Please contact Associate Pastor of Education & Outreach Charles Draper if you have questions about the FAITH Ministry.

Who are the FAITH(ful) People Currently Visiting Every Sunday? 

Paul Baker, Pat Boone, Sherri Draper, Greg Smith, Alyssa Baker, Lyz Culpepper, Terry Spruell, Larry Cotton, Mary VanSteenbergh, Jill Ball, Jeff Culpepper, Reid Shipp, Carolyn Kennedy, Dorothy Cotton, Scott Davis, Pat Hess, Judy Drengh, June Hare, Ed Turner, Ruby Wright, Eddie Weller, Bob Drenth, Bonnie Pritchett, Nate Jordan, Mie Millard, Sara Ogletree and David Parsons.  Please pray for them!   Will you do FAITH next semester?