Authentic Manhood

Definition; Authentic men reject passitivity, accept responiblity, lead courageously and invest eternally.

Reject Passivity Accept Responiblity Lead Courageously Invest Eternally

"The impossible is often utried."

"To Him who is determined it remains only to act"

"It is not only what we do but also what we do not do that we are accountable" "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." "Where I was born and where and how I lived is important." "It is what I have done with where I have been that should be on interest".

NBBC Men's Ministry focus for 2017!  authenticmanhoodhouston

We will be joining in the ministry of Authentic Manhood Houston.

They are building a network of individuals, organizations, churches and businesses to launch a movement of men reaching men in the Greater Houston Area to lead them to a life of truth, passion and purpose.  33 THE SERIES will provide the framework for this initiative. There are tens of thousands of men around the world who are benefiting from the content of 33, many in the Houston area, and we want to focus that impact with an intentional strategy to help men lead and love others like Jesus —to make an eternal difference in their homes, businesses, churches and communities, across the street and around the world.

2016 Sportsman's Banquet

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The Sportsman Banquet was a big success. Bob Reccord message was a hit an as a result fifteen men professed to follow Christ. Praise the Lord!
Thanks to everyone for the prayer, support. It is now time for us to know that next year Sportsman Banquet date of the Banquet will be September 23, 2017.
One of the most important thing to assure a sucessful banquets is to began now.

Areas to focus:

  • Prayer: Began now to pray for our Men's Ministry to carry out our Vision. gain a focus to share God with other men and boys...
  • Food: Meat: Began now to request meat. Bow Hunting begins October 1,2016 for deer season an then gun season. Seeking deer meat begins early - now.
  • Donation and silent auction: items donation from local and larger corporation require notification and request six months before the event. We need to began early, with a team to accomplish our goal.
  • Currently we are being asked to select five people who are lost. I want to encourage our men to take this on an let's fill the altar with those men making decisions to stand for their families, church and community.

NBBC Men's Ministry Vision Statement  

"Leading men in the greater Houston area and beyond, to a life of truth, passion, and purpose."