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Discipleship Training

NBBC offers short- to medium-length study programs covering a wide variety of subjects.


Adults -

  • Pastor’s Bible Study (Revelation) – Facilitated by Dr. David Fannin

Meets in the Worship Center.  No Workbook.  Class will use the Bible.Pastor's Bible Study - Revelation                      

  • **MEN’S STUDY** Game Plan for Life (Joe Gibbs, former Head Coach, Washington Redskins, author) – Facilitated by Coach Tim Nunez.

This 6-session study is based on a series of prayerful meetings by Coach Joe Gibbs and his closest friends as they looked at the most important issues facing men today and what every man needs to know to be victorious in the game of life.  Through solid biblical teaching and discussion, you will discover the key principles that are essential to living a victorious life.  Meets in the “Man Cave” (Room 230).  Workbook cost is $9.00.
  • **LADIES’ STUDY**  Living Beyond Yourself – Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit (Beth Moore) -- Facilitated by Camille Myers and Pam Stimpson.
You will learn about, grow in and experience the work of the Holy Spirit while studying the book of Galatians. Meets in Room 134.  Workbook cost is $16 for this 10 week study.
  • Share Jesus Without Fear (William Fay and Ralph Hodge, authors) – Facilitated by Mike Red

Through in-class exercises, students in this study learn to use a mapped pocket New Testament while the person who is being witnessed to reads scripture passages out loud for themselves and then is asked what that passage says to them.  This workbook/video-driven class of 6 weeks addresses the motivation behind witnessing and teaches the student the skill of witnessing without an argument.  Meets in Room 126.  Workbook Cost is $8.00.

  • Biblical Application in Everyday Life (Hermeneutics – Fancy Word for Bible Interpretation - 101) – Facilitated by Dr. John Laing     
Class will take students through the basic material covered in a seminary class on Bible study methods. Students will discuss different approaches to study, learn how to do word studies in the original languages (without taking Greek or Hebrew), and have an overview of the doctrine of revelation. Meets In Room 135. The class is 10 weeks duration.
  • Life Principles from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) – Facilitated by Robert Vreugde
Starting with "A Walk up the Mountain", this 12 week class will include topics of Teaching for the Common Man, Teachings for the Religious Man, Teachings for the Prosperous Man, Teachings for the Man in Leadership, and The Final Measure for our Life.  Meets in Room 132.  No Workbook; Facilitator will use class handouts.
  • FAITH Evangelism Training – Facilitated by Bro. Charles Draper
FAITH Evangelism Strategy is an SBC tool that creates a culture of evangelism in our church by equipping and mobilizing believers in lifestyle evangelism, disciple-making, and ministry.  We have a lesson then "go out into the lab" and visit real people each week!  Teams of 3 will include an experienced Team Leader who will lead the Visits and help you learn.  Come & Go!  Meets in Room 133.  NBBC provides Workbook free of charge.  The class is 12 weeks duration.FAITH Evangelism - Charles Draper - Room 133 - Free                   

    Youth Fine Arts (Grades 7-12) -
    • Tech - Hands On Training (Power Point, ProPresenter, Audio Mixing, Video, Lighting)
    • Choir (4 part SATB)
    • Drama (Weekly and Seasonal)
    • Praise Team (Selected ensemble for Wednesday night worship)

    Children's Choirs (Pre-school - 6th grade) -

      • Half Notes - Age 4-5 (Rm 120) - Jennifer Freberg, Lanetta Weller, J.B. Freberg
      • Music Makers - Grades 1, 2, 3,  - (Rm 225/227) - Maureen Buckner, Emi Millard, Hope Diamond, Stephanie Black
      • Young Musicians - Grades 4, 5, 6 - (Rm 216/218) - Jim Shelton, Randal Diamond, Larry and Leann Fisher, Rachel Red

        MONDAY 9:30 AM

        • **LADIES’ STUDY** Missing Pieces:  Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense (Jennifer Rothschild, author) – Facilitated by Kitty Millard

        This 7-session study provides a personal, intimate experience for women as they explore questions such as:  Does God care?  Is He Fair?  Is He even there?  Explore these and other questions in this realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith.  God’s ways don’t always make sense, but He is trustworthy.  Come close to Him.  Trust Him more than your feelings.  God will always reveal Himself and fill in your missing pieces.  Meets in the Chapel.  Workbook cost is $13.00

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