New Special Buddies Sunday School Class.specialneeds

Special Buddies is a Sunday School class designed to meet the needs of kids with special learning needs. This class meets during Sunday School at 9:00am. The leadership in the class are a mix of trained specialists in the field and adults who have a heart for your child to know God. There is Worship Care available during Worship at 10:30am. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Bumpas.





Teddy Bear Slumber Party

Saturday, October 22nd 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Kids wear their pj's and bring their favorite Teddy Bear who will spend the night at church when the children go home.  The next morning, they come to Sunday School and see what the bears have gotten into during the night.  Lots of fun, special treats, popcorn and a movie ! 

Hope your child can come !



Little Girls Spring Tea Party

Lots of fun planned for the little ladies !  They come dressed for tea and will decorate a hat with Spring flowers to add to their outfit.  During the tea party, girls learn how to properly set a table, talk about manners, polish their nails and lots of other fun 'girl stuff'. 


Little Boys Matchbox Car Smash

For the preschool BOYS - what is more exciting than racing and smashing cars ?  After the big race they will share some guy food, paint a car, make     a racing visor, play some fun car related games, and talk about how little gentleman can also have good manners !  






SUMMER Wednesday Night Activities

Meets from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


RA  Royal Ambassadors is a missions discipleship organization for boys in grades 1-5.  Through hands on activities that encourage spiritual growth, games, sports and mentoring relationships with RA Leaders, RA members become a faith-based brotherhood.  Get your boys excited about missions and bring them to RAs this summer.


GA  Girls in Action is a missions discipleship organization for girls in grades 1-5.  Through GAs girls learn about, pray for, give to and do mission work.  They also make new friends and have lots of fun.


Mission Friends  How early can a child begin to learn about mission concepts ?  From babies to kindergarten Mission Friends provides the building blocks of faith and a basic awareness of God's love for all people.


The kids will enjoy fun activities as they learn what people do on Mission from God from all over the world.  They will experience hands on mission opportunities to serve our community.