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Children's Ministry Mission Statement


Nurture Bible Based Children

Our goal is to grow the children’s ministry in Christ with the Bible as our base. We will nurture by providing a safe place. The Bible is recog nized as living and relevant today, tomorrow and forever, therefore the basis for decisions and polices for children and families. The opportunity given to our ministry by you and by God is taken seriously. Each child in our charge is encouraged to glorify God and given the message of the Gospel in different ways and different times so that they may one day make to choice to follow Christ.

Preschool Division Bible Study Staff

 Linda Murrie, Division Director

Age Room Director / Teachers
Babies/Crawlers 124A Tammy Zwarst D
Early Walkers 124 Charlotte Barnes D
2-Year Olds 124C John & Kelli Hubbert D
3-Year Olds 119 Karen Watts D, James Avis T
4-Year Olds 122 Jennifer Freberg D, David Miller T
Kindergarten 120 Lanetta Weller D, J.B. Freberg T

Children's Division Bible Study Staff

Mary VanSteenbergh, Division Director

Grade Room Director / Teachers
1 228 Randal Diamond D
2 226

Wanda Bowman D

3 224 Alicia Quinn D, Bill Quinn T
4 222

Keisha Heck D, Leslee Miller T


D: Department Director T: Teacher



Children's Choirs


This is a growing division of our music ministry. This program provides music learning for children from 4 years of age through 6th grade.

Half Notes 4 years old
5 years old
Music Makers 1st - 3rd Grade Choir CC_Joseph_Musical1a
Young Musicians 4th - 6th Grade Choir CC_Joseph_Musical2a

All of these groups meet on Sunday evenings from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Directors are assisted by a Children's Choir Coordinator in planning activities. Each year, the Music Makers and the Young Musicians come together to produce a musical drama for evening worship.

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