Building for Tomorrow

What tool are you in God's Hands?
  • Jig Saw - for fine-tuning, fine-cutting, fixing it just right (some things in ministry have to be trimmed/tuned/adjusted...)
  • A Level - keeping things straight and orderly and organized; if things aren't quite right - will work to get them (the bubble) back between the lines
  • A Puddy Knife - to shape and fill in the gaps with the right ones to fill that gap
  • A Screwdriver - keeping things tight and well-connected
  • A Power Sander - good for putting on a nice finishing touch, but need to be careful not to be too abrasive
  • A Stud-Finder - can see the potential in people even when it may not be evident
  • A Magnet - we want to draw and attract people to Christ and to each other (class time, fellowships/socials, etc.)
  • A Tire Jack - Lifting others up and encouraging them
  • Duct Tape - many uses, repairs, holds things together: many applications in SS Ministry/many roles & responsibilities and things to keep functional for ministry to people